20 May 10:00 - 11:00Digital event

Virtual Handshake is a series of business storytelling events during which Packbridge community members share interesting cases, current challenges, learnings, industry news, and opportunities straight from behind the scenes of their organisation.

  • How can a packaging company in the food industry switch its operations to respond to the current needs of society?
  • What challenges lay in dedicating sections of regular production to produce protective shields for the healthcare system?  

Welcome to the first meeting of our Virtual Handshake series, where Thomas Olsson, the CEO of Treform Packaging, will share his story about switching a part of regular production to make protective shields for the healthcare system, and more!   

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Thomas Olsson
Treform Packaging, CEO

"We at Treform Packaging, first and foremost focus on driving the development within new materials, following trends, and creating opportunities. We want to share with you our journey as the world slows down in the urgent need of agile companies now more than ever."

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About Treform: Treform Packaging is a thermoformed plastic packaging manufacturer, operating with sustainable development in mind. During the last 50 years in operation, Treform secured the market by using the newest production technology and taking responsibility for the entire manufacturing process, from idea to finished packaging. 

The company champions for conscious industry development by recycling all production waste, minimizing CO 2 emissions and creating sustainable future thermoformed packaging solutions. That requires constant adaptation to trends, legal requirements and new consumption patterns. 

A previously built infrastructure with the exclusive hygiene standards and company‚Äôs agile practices allowed Treform to quickly dedicate a part of the usual production capacity for making 100 000 - 150 000 protective shields a day, and this way contributing to the fight against the current global pandemic. 

All you need to know:

When: May 20, 10:00-11:00

Where: Wherever you are - this is a digital event 

For whom: This event is open to all the members of Packbridge

Language: This event will be held in English